Chasing Diversity...

Swaroopa from Bhoomi College, Bangalore approached  BuDa Folklore as a part of her 2 months internship  and stayed with us in Angadibail forest and Honnavar for one and half months  and wrote her experience with  BuDa folklore 

Diversity is what attracts me and one of my interests has been plants and food.My curiosity increased when I came across people mentioning a lot about the uses of uncultivated plants/weeds during our farming module at Bhoomi college. I had seen my mom and grand-mom using some uncultivated plants for cooking and over time I had moved away from my hometown and noticed that I was forgetting whatever little bit I knew about these weeds. 
So, when we were given two months of internship time at Bhoomi College I couldn’t stop myself from looking out for places where I could learn about these weeds, visit different places and meet new people. That is how I spoke to Dr.Savitha Uday (we fondly call her Savitakka), founder of BuDa Folklore and landed up at BuDa Folkore spe…

February Forest Route - Paathashala School

The forest envelops its visitor, involving each of our senses in its deep and humble interactions. Vivid colours to feed the sight: from tiny individual leaves and flowers, to the immense landscape of tall trees and vast fields.
No horns or tires screeching against the asphalt can reach you, but don’t expect the forest to be silent. The hearing is filled with a harmonious symphony of bird calls, gushing water, rolling winds, and crackling fires. Instead of a modern stereo, the music emanates from the Siddi rhythms of goat-skin drums, forgotten tools humming in the kitchen, the animated voice in which Padmavati narrates her folk stories. The taste buds are excited by flavours of authentic recipes of Uttara Kannada, that allow us to taste the love in the food – imparting us an extraordinary energy to trek and walk on and on. The difference in taste is apparent from early morning – not waking up with the chemical toothpaste we are accustomed to, but with the taste of freshly powdered he…