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Honnavar- monsoon retreat

Honnavar, a coastal town, is about 450km from Bangalore and an overnight journey by bus from Bangalore. The landscape of Honnavar, with the Western Ghats on one side and the Sharavathi River and the Arabian Sea on the other, is unique in its location.

Honnavar in the monsoon months of June to September is truly magical, a time of year when nature is at its best and most bountiful with full-flowing rivers and streams, and lush green countryside during monsoon season.. Beautiful beaches, forests, small islands, waterfalls, back waters, estuary, mangroves are all a part of the natural landscape and make the place beautiful in monsoons.

Monsoon season is even the perfect time for trekking and eco adventures! Or you can walk along the beach and experience the fury of the sea, when giant waves hit the beach in full force

Come here just to see what rain is and what life is all about!

The geographical landscape of Honnavar with the Western Ghats on one side and the Sharavathi River and the Arabia…