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Quilting Workshop @Bangalore

Quilts and other cloth-based narrative art are part of many cultures. Quilts serve as both personal and communal objects and are a form of artistic expression too. These are often made by hand collaboratively using materials such as scraps of cloth.

When these scraps of cloth are put together, there is much more than gross geometrical patterns .... they tell a story about their creator, the historical and cultural context of their creation through the choices made in design, material and content. Haliyal is a small town in Uttara Kannada district. In each house you will find women making quilts for the monsoon season. After a tiring day's work,the women settle down in the verandah to work on their quilts. An old sari is used as a backing for the pattern created from pieces of used cloth. The colorful bits of cloth are often lovingly gathered from family and friends over a period of time.The quilting practice also helps understand how women in villages / small towns always found use …