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Holy Scrap!: I was Featured !

Holy Scrap!: I was Featured !: Well, not really, but it makes for good copy, right? :-) It was more of a mention on my Dutch fellow-quilter-blogger's blog. And it was more...

Rediscovering the forgotten recipes and the lost art of local traditional cooking…

Food is always given utmost importance in any culture and every community has its unique cuisine. A closer observation reveals that the local environment has a strong relation to these food practices. While there is science involved in knowing the right measure of ingredients and when to add to what - like in a chemistry lab; there is creativity and craft involved in using things the nature/environment has to offer and making food look appealing on that banana leaf.

Unknown or forgotten, the diversity of local preparations has been ignored in the rush to modernization and western way of eating practices. 

Many a age old recipes, the tools and the techniques buried in ancient kitchens,. The skilled mothers lost their recipes and skill in the name of modernity. 

Have age old local traditional recipes already become extinct? Or, with the changing eating patterns of today, will these traditional recipes be lost forever to the world?
Buda folklore looks to revive the dying culinary art of thi…