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Peepal Grove

Peepal Grove River Route Trip
Sara Taylor

This past weekend, BuDa took  students from Peepal Grove, their art teacher and a few friends on an adventure along the Sharavathi River as a part of our River Route Program. Here is a play-by-play of how our magic moonlit trip unfolded:
~ Day 1: The students arrived early in the morning. We had a quiet breakfast. I looked across at the timid group and let my mind wonder how/if they'd come out of their shells during our 5 days together. My mind was quickly eased when we started our first activity: learning shedi art. Each member of the group eagerly observed Hanmi Akka's strokes and threw themselves into their own interpretations. Smoothly joining together our pieces, the ladies were ready for their next artistic challenge, while the boys took time to explore. Calm and focused, Abhirami and Kaveri picked up river reeds for the first time. Growing more familiar to the twists of the grass with every row woven, the students gracefully took…

New Intern Sara

Hello! My name is Sara Taylor and I'm interning with BuDa for the next few months. I hail from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Charlottesville, Virginia and go to school at Brandeis University outside of Boston. So far I've spent seven months in India for my third academic year of my liberal arts degree (Anthropology and Environmental Studies) and I can't imagine leaving come May. I've been lucky enough to be involved with BuDa for the past month and a half as part of the internship potion of my program, run through the Enviornmental Support Group in Banglaore (you may have seen me standing, gawkily tall, in some of the quilting worship photos). Though I'm primarily involved with workshops and student groups that BuDa hosts, I'm also doing a research project creating a book on forgotten recipes. If you're interested in seeing some of my experiences in India, check out my blog.

Aalemane.....A taste of the Jaggery Festival

A taste of the Jaggery Festival | Kabbin Habba
Arpita Gaidhane
You walk into a limbo of sorts, where time doesn’t quite match up. You know that you have come from the busy lands of urban living, where efficiency and precision are the highest values. You work hard, make yourself a part of the world around you and adjust to modernity but something doesn’t feel right. Now, in this limbo, your heart sings to a tune that you seem to have forgotten, but you recognize deep within yourself.

There is a freshly built centre in the middle of a forest. It is nestled in a valley, surrounded on all sides by hills where birds sing and insects chirp. The red brick of the centre is reminiscent of local architecture, melding into the land, and the eons that have evolved these two levels of sloping roof and spread out design. Water springs naturally behind the centre and irrigates the land around you without any need for electricity. As you enter, like-minded people express their fascination, waking from a…