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From Bangalore to Angadibail, A Cyclist and his Dog

Sailesh cycled to Angadibail with his dog, Mac in a trailer, all the way from Bangalore. He is on a journey to discover a minimalist, sustainable way of life and BuDa Folklore, Angadibail is his first pit stop. He will stay here until the ‘Mungaru festival,’ the paddy transplanting event on 15, August.
A BuDa intern, Meena Chocklingam from IIT Madras, interviewed Sailesh and here’s the story. 

This story starts more than two decades ago. As a seven-year old, Sailesh decided to leave home over an altercation with his father. He walked out, sat on a nearby sidewalk and thought about what he would do to survive on his own. He thought he could catch fish for food. Then he began thinking about what it takes to catch fish: the tools and the skills to trap them.  He went back home and began working on equipping himself with the skills of survival – of independence. That seven year-old is now a successful architect with a business that he co-owns with two of his friends, in Bangalore. He is…

Making of ther broom-local craft

Here at Angadibail forest  we had our sessions with Banglore Steiner  School  not only to make functional and beautiful brooms but also to bring back the broom making tradition. you can see some of these steps in action!-a personalised experience A simple craft of broom making 

Imagine a field full of wild-flowers, white heads popping out of the green, inviting you to come and lie down amidst all that beauty. 

Well, Seetakka brought us here for a task ...she wanted us to focus and start the work ...She came as a teacher to teach us how to make brooms out of this grass ..   If you want to make a designer broom there will be no lying down. You need to get to work and pull out the long stalks/grass with the white heads to make the brooms locally called “hittumbe hidi”.-she called us right there .

Sitakka - our broom teacher showed us the best patches to harvest the stalks. You'll find the longer (better) grasses in the damper places. They're also easier to pull out than the more dri…

....and something beautiful remains .....

This time trekking  along the beach for 4 days from Honnavar to Gokarna with a large group of students  from Sahyadri School  took me into  a different stroll.

The sunset ..the seashells ..the seagulls ..the starfish emerging from the sand ...the moon setting in the sea did not fascinate me ..

The children walked past  but I decided to stay behind  looking for something else

I was watching with quiet fascination at the beautiful patterns created in the sand beneath my toes .. I stumbled across many such patterns ....creations ....master pieces created by waves on  beach.   

Suddenly for me the beach looked like a canvas painted in diverse patterns

Each pattern has to do something with the  currents, the tides ,the waves , the mineral deposits ,the rocks  and the organisms operate on the beach

The  Sand Bubbler crab, a crafty little beach-dweller  whose  sand ball creations are quite unintentionally artful.

While walking along  1