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From Bangalore to Angadibail, A Cyclist and his Dog

Sailesh cycled to Angadibail with his dog, Mac in a trailer, all the way from Bangalore. He is on a journey to discover a minimalist, sustainable way of life and BuDa Folklore, Angadibail is his first pit stop. He will stay here until the ‘Mungaru festival,’ the paddy transplanting event on 15, August.
A BuDa intern, Meena Chocklingam from IIT Madras, interviewed Sailesh and here’s the story. 

This story starts more than two decades ago. As a seven-year old, Sailesh decided to leave home over an altercation with his father. He walked out, sat on a nearby sidewalk and thought about what he would do to survive on his own. He thought he could catch fish for food. Then he began thinking about what it takes to catch fish: the tools and the skills to trap them.  He went back home and began working on equipping himself with the skills of survival – of independence. That seven year-old is now a successful architect with a business that he co-owns with two of his friends, in Bangalore. He is…