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Snakes, scientific names and other Angadibail stories

Our intern Meena form Chennai  wrote her experience of her stay in Angadibail .

The thing about starting on a journey knowing that you are going to love it is that you just cannot be wrong. On a grade eleven school trip, as I lugged a basket of leaf litter refusing help and inviting everyone’s ire, I knew that I would come back. And I did. This time, as an intern who was assigned the job of documenting traditional bath and cleaning products used in and around Angadibail. With the cliched wind in my hair, I stood at the back of a pick-up truck as we (Savita Akka, her son, the cyclist and I) reached the forest centre in Angadibail. I quickly got introduced to comfortable forest living, but took longer to get to know the people that I lived with. 

At some point in the first week, Savita Akka’s son became Atmeeya, the crazy botanist who would walk through the forest and spew ridiculous scientific names of the green things that he came across. Most of our conversations would be about birds, s…

Anga Sanskara

Title: Anga Sanskara (Kannada) Author: Dr. Savita Nayak Data collected: 1990 Published: 1995 Following are parts of Dr. Savita Nayak’s doctoral dissertation - Anga-Samskara - translated into English by Meena Chockalingam  who had interned with BuDa Folklore .

Essential oil preparation Essential oils were traditionally applied before taking a bath. While coconut oil was usually used, coconut milk, turmeric oil, tender herb oil and Suragi oil were used along with it for special occasions.

Coconut Oil Coconut oil was prepared in every house. It was never bought. It was prepared in the following three ways.

·Coconut butter to oil This process was used only in the winter. Water is added to grated coconut and cooked in a big vessel. This is constantly stirred until aroma wafts, to prevent the mixture from getting burnt. This is then taken off the heat, covered and left overnight. Early next morning, the mixture is ground, adding water gradually. Once it becomes a paste, more water is added. Coconut…